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welcome to the studio

when we meet

At the moment, our club plans to come together on anchor days during periods 4A and 4B in room W221. Food and drink are allowed. These meeting times are subject to change as the year moves on.

About Us

Finding a pathway into the world of music can sometimes feel difficult and intimidating. Therefore, we at have made it our commitment to teach students how to make music like their favorite artists and beatmakers, bringing their ideas to life. Throughout the course of our modular tutorial system, you will be learning how to navigate your DAW, program and synthesize sounds, replicate advanced techniques, and mix and master like the professionals. Furthermore, for those who are interested in diving deeper into the music industry, we have provided a plethora of tools to help you out. We hope that this club will open a new creative freedom for all producers, and break barriers that previously seemed impossible. 


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