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Producer Insider

The music industry can seem complicated at first. Here are some resources that will help you navigate through the rough spots and become a well-equipped producer.


Free Plugins

Sick of the bland stock sounds from your DAW? Look no further, for there are plenty of professional sounding tools that are available to everyone, for free!

(All sounds)



(All sounds)


(Mixing, vinyl effect)




(Sidechaining, free lite)

(Vinyl effect)


(Used by Metro Boomin, free lite)



Producing music can sometimes get repetitive and frustrating. Luckily, there are a ton of videos made by amazing creators that can help spark inspiration. (Ableton, funny) (Creative, inspiring) (Entertaining, instructional) (Ableton, instructional) (Ableton, instructional, funny) (Instructional, funny)

(Instructional, creative) (Instructional)

(Instructional, entertaining) (Ableton, entertaining) (Entertaining, instructional) (Entertaining) (Ableton, chill, instructional)




Want to share your music with the world? It's not as hard as you think! Here are a few Discord servers where you can receive feedback on beats, get production tips, collaborate with other artists, and so much more. (All Music)  (All Music) (Lofi Music) (Trap Music) (All Music) (Trap Music) (Lofi Music) (Trap/Drill

Music) (Electronic Music)

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